According to DQYDJ 22,295,155 people are retired in the US and the number of Americans that turn 65 everyday is 10,000 according to Yahoo Finance further more the number retiring daily has doubled sinse 2000. We are not alone.

So if we’re not alone why do so many of us feel so alone. Many of the retirees I’ve talked tell me that they feel alone at least some of the time, and I have to tell you that I feel alone most of the time. Isolation, that feeling that you are friendless and that life has no purpose after you retire and leave a purpose filled life earning a paycheck drive many retirees back into the workforce. While sending others into volunteer service.

A retired couple I know find purpose and friendship delivering meals on wheels 4 days a week and they have done so their entire retired a la carte life. That’s what an a la carte life is its choosing for yourself what makes you happy, healthy and fulfilled. Volunteering is a great way to meet people make friends and create meaning for your self, but maybe its not for you.

I know another couple who twice a week hit the gym. The is also a great way to make your life have meaning, to make your life healthy, and to keep that vim and vigor of your youth. They have made friends and they enjoy what they do, and that’s whats important.

My husband and I hit the rec center hot tub every afternoon it’s lovely, and we pass women who meet and play cards and that’s wonderful for them. The point is to get out there and make new friends. Go back to work part time, volunteer, find a group and play some cards or hit the gym just remember you are not alone.

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