5 Ways to Keep Active During the COVID19 Quarantine

5 Ways to Keep Active During Quarantine

Keeping active inside may not be a requirement, but it could go a long way to making things bearable. Not just bearable but healthier. While there will be no trips to the gym we are still going to need to keep both mind and body moving. All of these suggestions require only basic household items, so no one needs to make a trip to the store.

  1. Yoga, there are any number of free yoga classes on YouTube, but my favorite is Yoga with Adrienne. There are beginner classes and classes to loose weight. Her style is fun and relaxed and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.
  2. Qi gong, again YouTube is the place to find your mojo there are several too choose from including a beginner channel. Unfortunately I can’t personally vouch for any of these, because I haven’t taken any of these classes but it’s a half hour and if you hate it you never have to do it again.
  3. Indoor walking, YouTube has several channels for indoor walking but my favorite is Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone the classes are low impact and there are lots of levels of walking to choose from starting with a one mile walk. This will get the blood flowing to the brain.
  4. Line dancing, is a great way to burn some calories and have just a great time. YouTube has classes that will teach you how to do the electric slide and I’m not sure what else. There are several channels but my recommendation is Line Dancing For Beginners and Seniors.
  5. Housework, housework is great exercise and when you’re finished there is a great sense of accomplishment and a clean house. If you need inspiration YouTube has a channel for that too.

No one knows how long this is going to last. It won’t go on forever. So for as long as we do need to be indoors and let’s hope this is over before spring starts. Let’s be both healthy and safe.

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