Get A Check-Up and Get Spring Fever

Spring is literally just around the corner, and the fact that everyone should feel good every day is beside the point. Spring is here and you don’t want to miss that if you’re feeling bad. I just had my annual physical a few weeks ago. And except for some ongoing chronic health issues I’m good to go. So everyone knows that they need a yearly physical unless like me they have ongoing chronic issues that need closer attention, and if your doctor recommends a more frequent physical schedule I would heed the warning, but for the most part, a healthy retiree should have at least an annual physical.

But what should the physical include for every person it’s different depending on your medical history but, here is a list of the minimum tests your doctor should do? Every year you should have a blood pressure check. High Blood Pressure is a serious problem and according to The Mayo Clinic, high blood pressure can cause hypertension and heart disease. High blood pressure is anything over 130/80 this is considered stage one hypertension and you may not show any symptoms.

Your doctor should also check your Weight and BMI or body mass index which should be under 25 in order to be considered normal and healthy BMI above 29 is considered obese. Losing weight is harder as we get older I know it is for me I’m not as an active as I once was and it’s harder to be that active.

Your doctor should arrange for a Colorectal Cancer screening this screening may not need to be done every year depending on the type of screening you and your doctor choose.

Everyone should have their cholesterol tested. High cholesterol can lead to both heart attack and stroke. Some cholesterol is needed to build sells and there is even good and bad cholesterol HDL (good) LDL (bad). Too much of either is not good it builds up along blood vessel walls and can cause a blockage which could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Lastly, there are a few tests that are different for men and women. Men should have a prostate cancer screening, and women should have a mammogram and a pelvic exam.

As long as you’re at the doctor you should make sure to get all your shots a flu shot, shingles shot a pneumonia shot and any other shots your doctor recommends.

This along with exercise and a good diet will help keep you healthy so you too can enjoy the spring.

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