6 Ways to Take Control of The COVID-19 Virus

Everyone is going to have a different perspective on the COVID-19 virus, but might I suggest that we not panic or be afraid. Everything by and large is going to be okay.  That is not to say that it is business as usual. It’s not but if we remember a few simple rules it’s going to go a long way to keeping us all safe.

  1. Wash your hands  often
  2. Don’t touch your face
  3. Don’t touch other people
  4. Keep your distance (CDC recommends 6 feet from strangers)
  5. Stay inside if you think you might be ill or if you are an at risk person
  6. Call your doctor if you think you might have the COVID -19 virus

There is reason to take this serious there is no reason to panic. This is a serious disease that affects the individual and the community so everyone has a stake in the outcome of this situation. But the worst thing you can do is panic.

This is what I know for sure things are going to get back to norma,l or some version of normal. The grocery stores will fill again and Broadway will reopen life will go on once this has passed, but for now we need to be careful not panicked.

Take a moment and breathe, say a prayer for those who are in the hospital with this disease, say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones. Pray for your own health and happiness, and give thanks for your own health and happiness.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and be kind to each other.  

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