The Presidential Nominee Blahs

My vote for the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America was counted on Super Tuesday and last night’s Biden v. Sanders debate from the beginning was a little personally blah. But there were other reasons for the blah to exist for me.

  1. The two candidates agree on most stuff philosophically yes there are differences in implementation and in degrees. We are talking about flavors of vanilla not the difference between vanilla and chocolate.
  2. Biden will nominate a woman Vice President and Sanders is hedging his bets.
  3. There were accusations about past votes and speeches.

The real question is who can beat President Donald Trump. I am not sure if this were a normal year either one of them could do it, but my husband just reminded me as he was leaving the house to go to the grocery store to try and buy toilet paper again #COVID19, that no matter who vote blue, is going to be a real thing this year. Except it wasn’t in 2016 and just because we’ve been down this road now for three and a half years doesn’t mean we couldn’t see where we were going. People vote against their own best interest all the time, and they don’t vote at all even more often.

I’m ringing my hands. This is better than what happened after the 2016 election when I threw an all out nutty. I am not exaggerating when I say I threw a nutty it took me about a year for the full wind up, but when I blew it was a sight to behold. It took me about 18 months to talk to some of Trump’s undercover supporters in my family (my elderly parents.)

So, I’m not indifferent to the need for the any one blue movement, I just am not, so convinced that the vast numbers of individual voters have been convinced that anyone blue is a reason to go to the poles in 2020.

Not to mention the fact that the electoral college that screwed us in 2016 is still alive and well so we need to win a few states that are still pissed, because there citizens are living in abject poverty and there are no jobs, and the schools are falling apart, and their children are dying in the streets because of drugs and guns. But, it’s all about states’ rights and not wanting their guns taken from them so, no I’m not convinced that the democrats can win the next election and that’s too bad. But that’s a different blog post people vote against their own self interests in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania and Ohio. So, whoever the nominee is I’ll be putting on my best smile and cheerleading outfit and do my best to get excited get over the blahs.

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