6 Reasons to Consider In Home Health Care

In home care for seniors provides six advantages for those requiring longer term care. I had a caregiver after major back surgery a few years ago and I have to tell you it was wonderful to know that when I couldn’t stand to cook my own meals that someone was there to help me. These are the six reasons that I would use in home care again.

  1. Comfort

Everyone feels more comfortable at home compared to a hospital or senior living center even if it’s only going to e for a short while. You can count on more privacy and better rest. Even for long term care it you can’t beat the familiarity of home.

  • Personalized Care

The one on one attention provided by a good caregiver becomes part of the healing process itself in the form of companionship. Not just being there to give out medicine and take vitals is one of the major advantages that may just lead to faster healing.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Compare the cost of home care to the cost of a hospital or even a senior living center situation and hands down the cost of home care will be less expensive. Long-term care insurance even will cover some of the out of pocket costs for the hourly charge of a caregiver.

  • Peace of Mind

Families have more access to caregivers when they are the direct employer and that means you can rest assured that things are being done to your standards. If you want your elderly parent to keep his mind sharp by playing chess every afternoon request that and pay for it and that’s exactly what will happen.

  • Companionship

Speaking of playing chess, that’s not something a nurse in the hospital would have time to do and it might not be something that a family member would have time to do, but if you are paying someone to stimulate the mind of someone who maybe in the beginning stages of dementia then a caregiver would play chess or do Sudoku or cross word puzzles or watch soap operas

  • Family Involvement

Finally, the family can be as involved as they like as they have time for without worry or guilt. Family members who are being cared for by in home caregivers are given companionship and some level of medical attention. So, the family involvement after choosing a care provider is flexible. You can have a care provider for a few hours a week to give a family member a break from their care giving duties or you can have full time 24 hour care for someone. It all depends on family needs.

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