The Graying of Homelessness

There were 306,000 people over 50 living on the streets in 2014, the most recent data available, a 20 percent jump since 2007, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. They now make up 31 percent of the nation’s homeless population. The Graying of homelessness is a new problem for America that set up its programs to treat homelessness was designed to work with much younger individuals. Now we need to work with individuals who have been homeless for very long periods of time and are no longer able to work are addicted to drugs and alcohol and in cities with exorbitant rents.

Homelessness causes the body to age more quickly and harshly it ages the body by 10 or 20 years. As the body suffers things like frost bite, malnutrition, and drug and alcohol abuse the body just suffers and the suffering is non reversible so what can we do to help the aging homeless in America a problem that will only grow as the cost of rent increases the lack of senior housing grows as does the senior population. How do we care for our senior citizens that are without a roof over their heads?

Begin with proper infrastructure priorities making sure that there is enough affordable housing for seniors. I mean senior housing not putting seniors in low income housing filled with little kids. I mean real honest to God senior housing with a bus that takes you shopping twice a week, senior housing.

Then provide both physical and mental health workers to check on these people to keep them in their homes and keep them healthy. The homeless won’t think the way an average person will think and, they are going to need psychologists or maybe even psychiatrists to keep them mentally healthy. They are going to need Doctors to keep them physically healthy. It would be a challenge to get all the homeless seniors into homes.

How we treat our elders says a lot about our throw away disposable society. We need to get the senior homeless off the streets and into homes.

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