Good Bones

I was walking across the yard one day and stepped in nothing more than a big divot in the grass and down I went breaking both my legs. The breaks weren’t severe but they were painful, and it made me worry about osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the thinning of your bones. It’s a disease of aging and can be exasperated by alcohol use and being under weight, lack of exercise, smoking and some medications can cause or make it worse.

To summarize the risk of getting osteoporosis according to NIH National Health Institute says,

                Family history of broken bones or osteoporosis

                Have a broken bone after age 50

                Had ovaries removed before their periods stopped

                Early Menopause

                Not enough calcium or vitamin D throughout their lives

                Had extended bed rest or were physically inactive

                Smoke (smokers may absorb less calcium into the body)

                Take certain medications for asthma, cancer, or arthritis

                Have a small body frame

Any of these risk factors can lead to osteoporosis. Women are more likely to get osteoporosis at an early age, but at age 65 men and women can get osteoporosis at the same rate.

Most people find out they have osteoporosis by breaking a bone or noticing they have gotten shorter. However, there is a test you can take a bone mineral density test that can tell how strong your bones are.

If you have osteoporosis, here are the things you need to know; you can prevent bone loss with proper diet and exercise. And you will need to be careful when you twist and bend and falling could cause a broken bone.

Can you avoid falling? It seem like falling is an accident. At least I don’t know anyone who falls on purpose. However, I do know people who engage in reckless activities like rollerblading and waterskiing and I live in Colorado where snow skiing is a big thing. Some things that you do every day suddenly can lead to a fall and a broken bone. Taking a shower or bath for instance everyday task that needs to be looked at with a different eye and steps need to be taken to reduce the risks of falling.

Good bones are essential to a strong and health life as a senior, so eat right get plenty of exercise, and stay strong.

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