All The Reasons To Adopt A Dog

I am so excited my husband and I have been approved to adopt a dog from #NationalMillDogRescue. When we started looking we were looking strictly for a Cocker Spaniel but we are interested in adopting one of four dogs and none of them are Cocker Spaniels, One is a King Charles Spaniel and the others are all Wheaten Terriers. The reason I’m excited is that my husband works in his retirement and I don’t work and I don’t drive, so I am stuck at home a lot. I need a companion.

Dogs provide companionship I’m looking forward to breaking the long hours of emptiness and loneliness when my husband is away a little dog will be such good company for me. Having a dog will give me someone to talk to and play with.

Having a dog also will provide me with some basic routine. Sometimes I just don’t have any routine at all. I get lazy and other days I work until I’m sick the next day, I need routine to help me be my happiest best self. Having a dog that needs to go out for a walk on a specific time every day is the best thing for me, and whoever my new puppy will be.

Speaking of Walks I’m looking forward to taking my new dog for walks every day. I need the exercise that isn’t a part of my life without a good reason. So having a dog is the perfect reason, because my dog will need exercise and lots of it so I plan on walks twice a day and have play time in house.

Another great reason for me to get a dog is that stress is reduced when you have a dog. The wagging tail and petting the soft fur the smiling face it’s a real stress buster for sure. Or it could be the regular walks you know the exercise thing. I think it’s petting the fur. Tactile input to the brain it’s a type of meditation.

I’m going to be able to connect with new people the vet and the groomer and neighbors who will see my new dog and will stop and talk with me. It will be awesome. Dogs are a great ice breaker.

Getting a dog from #NationalMillDogRescue has introduced me to the possibilities of some new volunteer work that has me so excited I can’t stand it. As a blogger and writer I might be able to put my skills to a good cause and make new friends along the way.

Having a dog is also great protection even a small dog is good protection. Small dogs were actually bred to wake up the bigger dogs, so their barks can be loud enough to wake the neighbors to any unwanted visitors and a big dog not only has a big bark, but might have a big bite.

I am most looking forward to caring for something again, my daughter is grown and has a life of her own my parents are in reasonably good health. I have no one to dote on, no one to spoil. So I want to spoil my new dog. Everyone needs to be needed. I want to be needed again I do better when I have purpose.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know which dog I get.

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