Hair, Hair, Beautiful Hair, But Bald Is Beautiful Too

Female balding it’s a secret no one wants to talk about. Including me, but it’s happening to me. It happens because of stress, or hormones, or medicines.  It’s embarrassing to lose hair in great mass.  Even though you don’t have great bald spots I do have thinning hair it’s embarrassing. So I cut my shoulder length hair short very short. I went to the Doctor and asked for a blood test to see if my Hashimoto’s was under control and it is, and so are my hormones, so that leaves stress. How can you control your stress when our hair is falling out?

I’ve started exercising both yoga and walking. Yoga to help me control my breath and walking to help me walk off some negative energy and get my heart rate up. A few months into the work outs and I began to feel emotionally lighter and my body began to move with more intention. I love the way I feel. But, I’m still losing my hair. I’m learning that my hair is not who I am and that’s a hard lesson to learn, because for me it’s another loss to grieve and I will when the time comes. I will also learn that bald is beautiful and I have value beyond my hair and what I look like.

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