Five Best Dogs For Older Adults

I am so excited today in the middle of the COVID -19 quarantine I am going to go and get my dog form National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR.) I haven’t met Cinders but I have heard about her and I have read her biography, and I have fallen head over hills in love with her she is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Before I chose her I did lots of research I talked to a vet about the breed and I looked the breed up on American Kennel Club Web Site I also talked to people who had the breed.

NMDR dogs are special dogs and they come with lots of different challenges for example Cinders is 6 yrs old and not house broken so I will need to potty train her. But on the upside Wheatens are smart and they love to please so I think I can do it mostly because I’m home all day and have the time to work with her.

So I’m a senior with a broken hearted Wheaten Terrier what are the usual best dogs for seniors? When I started looking for dogs kennel staff suggested a Bichon Frise, Bichon Frises are little cotton balls of love they weigh 7 to 12 lbs and are easy to train and aren’t to barky. They do need some extra grooming to keep that fluffy cotton ball appearance.

Next is the King Charles Spaniel this snuggle pup weighs about 11 to 18 lbs and is just happy go lucky. I love King Charles Spaniels.

The French Bulldog is also a good choice for seniors this is a happy little scamp that is active and weighs 18 to 25 lbs. but is still very manageable and is well suited for an apartment.

The Grey Hound is elegant and also an excellent dog for an older adult. Grey Hounds are easy to train enjoy a daily walk and an occasional trip to the dog park for a run this dog is a large breed that wants nothing more than to be at home with you.

There are advantages to having a pet in your life. They help reduce stress they encourage you to exercise. They even help you to live longer. But before you get a pet I encourage you to do your research and to adopt from a shelter not to buy from a mill or puppy dealer.

2 thoughts on “Five Best Dogs For Older Adults

    1. We picked up Cinders a month ago and renamed her Katie. We love her so much. Two weeks after we were home with her she delivered four puppies so I have been very busy. But stay tuned I will be posting again soon.


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