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If you all remember I told you a while back that my husband and I were approved to adopt a dog. Remember how excited I was about the whole thing. I’ve been away for the last month because I have a beautiful Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. And she is beautiful. We brought her home and immediately started house breaking her and training her to learn her new name (Katie.)

That was the first week. On the first day of the second week my dog delivered four puppies. I was pretty well, shocked and well, when I called the adoption center I was absolutely furious. Sometime during that same week my dog began to throw up and have well I’ll just say it, diarrhea. This took us to the Emergency Vet. The Vet gave us medicine to stop the diarrhea and put Katie on a bland diet for 5-7 days and then wean her back to dog food feeding her four times a day.

If, you don’t know what a bland diet is it consists of rice and chicken. Boiled rice and boiled chicken breasts four times a day for 5-7 days and then wean her back to dog food. You reduce the rice a little for a few days and then the chicken for a few days adding more and more dog food and reducing the chicken and rice until its all dog food, it’s a rather long process. I don’t know how long because Katie got sick again before we got to the all dog food stage.

We gave Katie all her medicine and she got better and as soon as her medicine was gone she got sick again and we were back at the vet, this time with a stool sample.

Katie has a tape worm. The adoption organization has been very helpful they have paid all the vet bills.  So that’s what I’ve been up to the past month taking care of my new dog and my new puppies.

2 thoughts on “What’s New

  1. Wow, it this an official adoption center? They never told you the dog was pregnant!!!!!?? Hope that the pups are healthy. They probably also had to be dewormed? Love to see pup pics, good luck!!!


    1. Yes this was an approved and licensed rescue adoption organization with a long record of helping animals the vet just missed the pregnancy and the puppy mill where she was rescued from had such deplorable conditions they literally saved her life. I’ll post some puppy pics as soon as they are still enough to take pictures.


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