Symphony of Birds

I’m not by any stretch a bird watcher I am, however, a bird listener. I love the sound of birds granted some birds are beautiful even majestic in their own right, but I enjoy the sound of birds. For example we once had a bald eagle sit on the lamp post across the street and cry out. It was a mournful sound loud and guttural like a woman crying for a lost love. It made me feel sorry and want to cry also.

But, this morning early just after sun up I gathered my dog Katie and we headed for the lake and a long hike or a long hike for me. I haven’t hiked in years and Katie dog who came from a puppy mill I’m sure has never hiked. So, a 2 hour hike is a plenty long hike. And we heard the birds. Geese of course, but also, cranes and robins and barn swallows and I don’t even know what else but it was a magical symphony. More birds than I could count or name. Lovely, beautiful looking birds and each with their individual sounds working together not worrying about what the other birds were singing. And somehow the total sum of each individual bird song when put together was magic. I love when things naturally work together and become beautiful. It’s so rare. I think we should mark these moments when they happen. Mark them so we don’t forget and mark them so we have them to remember when we need to be uplifted.

The world right now is an inch of center and it’s making everything look strange and a little scary. I mean I never thought I’d be living in a world where I’d need to be quarantined, there is war that never seems to end, we have leaders that are out of touch. Things are out of my control and that’s a scary thing, so I need moments of beauty to remind me that there is still beauty. And that beauty can happen without my control. And because I had that moment this morning with the bird symphony I have one more moment of peace to center my world once more I marked that moment and have it as a memory now I can pull it along side me whenever I like and center my world once more.

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