It’s Not Ben Franklin’s Library Anymore

Benjamin Franklin along with giving us so many things he gave us the first public lending library in the United States in 1731.Today public libraries fill a whole host of needs for the public. For example in the middle of a pandemic my local library is hosting a drive-in of sorts. They are showing Toy Story 4. You can still check out books from them you just can’t go inside and wonder the isles of books. You order your books on line and then you pick them up hand delivered at the curb. How wonderful is that. You can get movies on line you can get e-books from the comfort of your own house. Our public libraries go out of their way to entertain and stimulate the communities’ collective mind.

Stimulating the mind is so important for every person. Getting that gray matter to grow by learning new things, and experiencing different aspects of life is easily done at the library. My library has book clubs where you actually read and discuss the books and they have computer classes and genealogy classes. They have all kinds of ways to stretch your brain and meet new people. Benjamin Franklin’s library only lent books and for hundreds of year’s libraries generally only lent books, but now libraries are vital places in the community they keep children safe after school.  And they provide seniors an opportunity to continue to reinvent themselves through learning.

I encourage any retired person to spend some time in their local library and see everything that is offered there. It’s a great place to get out and meet new people. Read a different newspaper than the one you usually do. Get a new political perspective. Check out a cookbook and try a new recipe. Read a book of poems to your spouse and see what happens. If your library doesn’t have a book club start one choose a subject, mysteries or romance and start reading, and then ask questions about the writers plot, or the characters believability.

As soon as you can visit the library it’s a great place and books are awesome too.

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