Pretend It’s Halloween and Wear Your Mask

I appreciate when people wear their masks. I wear my mask when I go out and I don’t go out very often in order to keep myself safe. I don’t understand why some people are so adamantly against wearing a face mask that might keep my heart healthy. The stakes are so high. The inconvenience so minimal, I understand feeling claustrophobic with something covering my face. It’s not the most comfortable thing, but would you really want to be the one who cause my illness to get worse or heaven forbid cause my death because we had a brief encounter and you didn’t wear your mask. It just makes good sense to wear a mask. So finally, I’d like to ask everyone to respect life enough to wear a mask.

The Not So Sweet Story About Sugar

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. It’s been just rolling around in my brain and I just need to get it out of there and out into the world, so here it goes. I just ate 12 black jelly beans. I hate jelly beans, but I ate them anyway because they were kind of sweet. I have a sugar addiction and it’s bad. Sugar at the levels that I eat it is very bad for me. It causes inflammation in my body and I just learned that it causes inflammation in my brain.

Let The Sun In But Have A Glass Of Milk

I need more vitamin D than I used to. I know this because I got vitamin D deficiency. I slept a lot and was moody my hair fell out. My back hurt. It was awful, and it could have been dangerous because you lose bone when you have a vitamin D deficiency. Older adults like me need 800 International Units (IU) of vitamin D every day. We used to only need 600 IU a day.

Hair, Hair, Beautiful Hair, But Bald Is Beautiful Too

Female balding it’s a secret no one wants to talk about. Including me, but it’s happening to me. It happens because of stress, or hormones, or medicines. It’s embarrassing to lose hair in great mass. Even though you don’t have great bald spots I do have thinning hair it’s embarrassing. So I cut my shoulder length hair short very short. I went to the Doctor and asked for a blood test to see if my Hashimoto’s was under control and it is, and so are my hormones, so that leaves stress. How can you control your stress when our hair is falling out?

All The Reasons To Adopt A Dog

I am so excited my husband and I have been approved to adopt a dog from #NationalMillDogRescue. When we started looking we were looking strictly for a Cocker Spaniel but we are interested in adopting one of four dogs and none of them are Cocker Spaniels, One is a King Charles spaniel and the others are all Wheaten Terriers. The reason I’m excited is that my husband works in his retirement and I don’t work and I don’t drive, so I am stuck at home a lot. I needed a companion.

Mental Health and Social Isolation

Social isolation in the age of COVID-19 has become the norm not the rarity in fact it has become the life saving measure. But there is still a cost. And shouldn’t we at least consider that cost. Loneliness is a serious health risk. Studies of elderly people and social isolation concluded that those without adequateContinue reading “Mental Health and Social Isolation”

Not COVID-19, But Pneumonia

So today I’m going to focus on the pneumonia that we know he has along with about 250,000 individuals that are hospitalized each year with pneumonia my husband spent 4 days in the hospital in October and now my Father is in the hospital. It is a common ailment that touches both the young and the old. However it is more serious and more deadly for the elderly.

Cut A Rug For The Brain

Scientists have found that the areas of the brain that control memory and skills such as planning and organizing improve with exercise. Dance has the added dimension of balance. Specifically dance stimulates the hippocampus and increases neuron connections. Regular dancing reduces the risk of dementia by 76%. Studies are conclusive cutting a rug on a regular basis is good for the brain.

Get a Little Happy

I suffer from debilitating depression, and so do 7 million other adults over the age of 65 according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC.) My depression is caused by genetics and brain chemistry I take medicine for it every day and the medicine helps, but not enough to make me feel normal, but enough to function as long as there are no stressors to add to my depression. Not only is depression an epidemic among older adults so is suicide, 16% of suicide deaths are older adults. These numbers are staggering.