Get a Little Happy

I suffer from debilitating depression, and so do 7 million other adults over the age of 65 according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC.) My depression is caused by genetics and brain chemistry I take medicine for it every day and the medicine helps, but not enough to make me feel normal, but enough to function as long as there are no stressors to add to my depression. Not only is depression an epidemic among older adults so is suicide, 16% of suicide deaths are older adults. These numbers are staggering.

Arthritis It's Me, Is It You?

My spirit is still young when I close my eyes and think about myself I think about myself as young, but the truth and frustration is that my body is aging and is older than I’d like, and it shows me it’s older through the pain of arthritis in my feet, ankles, and knees. My Osteoarthritis affects how I walk and do yoga it affects every aspect of my life. First of all and most significant for me is the loss of many pairs of beautiful stiletto high heel shoes that went with my business suits. Most recently I’ve needed a disabled placard so I can park close to the recreation center and shopping. These things make me feel old emotionally, but more significantly is the pain. The physical pain of arthritis I take a pain killer and I have a cream that I rub on that helps me make it through the days and nights.