10 Ways to Beat COVID-19 Stress

We’re all under a little stress these days, or should I say a little panic. Long term stress is absolutely a killer move especially during a viral pandemic. But, how can you escape the stress of COVID-19? The shelter in place orders the raw number of cases of those who have contracted the virus the number who have died the medical shortages exactly, what is all this new stress doing to our bodies? And how can we get control of the stress.

5 Ways to Keep Active During the COVID19 Quarantine

5 Ways to Keep Active During Quarantine Keeping active inside may not be a requirement, but it could go a long way to making things bearable. Not just bearable but healthier. While there will be no trips to the gym we are still going to need to keep both mind and body moving. All ofContinue reading “5 Ways to Keep Active During the COVID19 Quarantine”