The Not So Sweet Story About Sugar

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. It’s been just rolling around in my brain and I just need to get it out of there and out into the world, so here it goes. I just ate 12 black jelly beans. I hate jelly beans, but I ate them anyway because they were kind of sweet. I have a sugar addiction and it’s bad. Sugar at the levels that I eat it is very bad for me. It causes inflammation in my body and I just learned that it causes inflammation in my brain.

Let The Sun In But Have A Glass Of Milk

I need more vitamin D than I used to. I know this because I got vitamin D deficiency. I slept a lot and was moody my hair fell out. My back hurt. It was awful, and it could have been dangerous because you lose bone when you have a vitamin D deficiency. Older adults like me need 800 International Units (IU) of vitamin D every day. We used to only need 600 IU a day.

All The Reasons To Adopt A Dog

I am so excited my husband and I have been approved to adopt a dog from #NationalMillDogRescue. When we started looking we were looking strictly for a Cocker Spaniel but we are interested in adopting one of four dogs and none of them are Cocker Spaniels, One is a King Charles spaniel and the others are all Wheaten Terriers. The reason I’m excited is that my husband works in his retirement and I don’t work and I don’t drive, so I am stuck at home a lot. I needed a companion.

Good Bones

I was walking across the yard one day and stepped in nothing more than a big divot in the grass and down I went breaking both my legs. The breaks weren’t severe but they were painful, and it made me worry about osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the thinning of your bones. It’s a disease of aging and can be exasperated by alcohol use and being under weight, lack of exercise, smoking and some medications can cause or make it worse.

10 Ways to Beat COVID-19 Stress

We’re all under a little stress these days, or should I say a little panic. Long term stress is absolutely a killer move especially during a viral pandemic. But, how can you escape the stress of COVID-19? The shelter in place orders the raw number of cases of those who have contracted the virus the number who have died the medical shortages exactly, what is all this new stress doing to our bodies? And how can we get control of the stress.

10 Tips to Get to Sleep Tonight

I’m like four days past my bed time. You know the feeling you’re tired. You’re sleepy. But you go to bed and your mind goes just kidding. That happens to me about 3 times a week followed by a day of exhaustion. How much fun is that? During this time of crazy Coronavirus danger IContinue reading “10 Tips to Get to Sleep Tonight”

The Fade of Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that my family lives in fear of every day. It’s incredible to think that someone strong, intelligent and vibrant could be reduced to a shell. For my family it started in the 1980’s with my grandmother we slowly watched her wither forgetting who we were and finally who she was.Continue reading “The Fade of Alzheimer's”

Get A Check-Up and Get Spring Fever

Spring is literally just around the corner, and the fact that everyone should feel good every day is beside the point. Spring is here and you don’t want to miss that if you’re feeling bad. I just had my annual physical a few weeks ago. And except for some ongoing chronic health issues I’m goodContinue reading “Get A Check-Up and Get Spring Fever”